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We provide dumpster waste compacting services for anywhere in the Pittsburgh area. Based in Coraopolis, we started by serving industrial customers in McKees Rocks, Ambridge and Leetsdale but have grown to a regional level in Pa. Plus, we now have expanded with another truck and location in Greenville, SC. 

Are you tired of excessive dumpster fees, overflowing trash, or too many trash transportation trips? If so, give Monster Smash a call. We are a garbage smashing company serving Allegheny County and greater Pittsburgh. Turn to Monster Smash for comprehensive garbage smashing that helps you save.

How Can We Serve You?
We want to help you better manage your waste. With our signature garbage smasher, dumpster waste compacting is easier than ever before. You’ll love how much space and money you save with our one-of-a-kind trash compactor. Because Monster Smash has a 3 1/2 ton boom, our smashing roller can effectively compact items ranging from cardboard to wood, such as pallets, to construction material, and even certain metals.  It can even smash washers, dryers, contained air conditioning units and refrigerators. .
With our services, you can enjoy fewer trash hauls, lower dumpster fees, and more space to put your waste.

Why Choose Us?
Exceptional customer service is our goal. For example, you pick your time for us to come — even when the weather isn’t great. You can also get volume discounts if you use our services frequently, and we always come to you. Best of all, we are quick and thorough and always put safety first with our drum guard.

How Can You Get Started?
First, contact us to schedule your free demonstration. We’ll visit you and show you how everything works. Afterward, you get a 30-day trial period. If you like what we do, we’ll keep smashing as long as you keep trashing. No matter what, our satisfaction guarantee ensures that we’ll always do the best job possible.
If you’re ready to employ Sammy the Smasher, we’re only a call away. Reach us at 888-450-MASH (6274) to smash your garbage today.

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