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Decrease your Waste Disposal Costs by Increasing Your Dumpster Efficiency

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

There are many factors that play into how much you have to pay a waste hauling company, however, these services can cost tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The less space that air takes up in your dumpster, the lower your cost of waste disposal will be. Research has shown that a dumpster being hauled contains up to 80% air and only 20% of the dumpster is actually occupied by trash. Reducing this ratio is going to help reduce the cost of dumpster hauling tremendously.

How much money will I save by using a trash compacting service save me?

Your dumpster will usually only need to be hauled half the amount of times as before since compacting your trash means you can fit twice the amount of waste in your dumpster. See this pricing sample model to see an example of how much air and money you can save by implementing a dumpster trash compacting service.

Trash compactors for open-top containers.

Compacting the trash eliminates air pockets and allows the dumpster to achieve maximum volume capacity. This will improve the dumpster efficiency by 400% compared to non-compacted containers.

Safety and increased productivity.

Using a trash compacting service is going to allow your company to keep your employees safe and more productive since they no longer waste any time waiting to load additional waste into the dumpster and are not trying to use makeshift compacting tools.

A business can SAVE BIG with the use of waste reduction programs and a rolling & smashing compactor!

At Monster Smash, we help you save money by increasing your dumpster efficiency. We reduce the amount of trash in your dumpster by up to 70%, resulting in LESS HAULS and LESS FEES!

We come to you – We SMASH down your trash

You keep your dumpster/hauling company! Monster Smash simply SAVES YOU CASH! Give us a Call for a FREE Demonstration so we can show you specifically how we can help your company save money in waste removal!

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